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Second shift farming, first generation!

Welcome to our farm!

We are a family run business located in historic Hancock, NH. Maple sugaring has been a hobby of ours for a long time. Life being busy - sometimes too busy - we have found sugaring to be a way to gear down and tap into the woodland world during the special time of year when winter gives way to spring. This is much more than just "mud season" as a sweet, though fleeting, gift flows silently in the forest. It is through a labor of love, harvesting and collecting, that the gift that starts with a glimpse of sweetness becomes the maple syrup, candies and confections made here on the farm and throughout maple country. 


When our kids were younger, many late nights found us collecting brimming buckets of sap by way of headlamps and flashlights, boiling it down on various rigs and contraptions and bottling maple syrup late into the night. It was on one of those nights that Kelly muttered "Midnight Maple" and it stuck with us as a nudge to one another when fuel was low. Little did we know back then, our future farm name was born!

In 2021, we purchased our first true wood fired maple evaporator and begin our growth from hobby to markets.


Sugar from a tree!

Maple sugaring is a time-honored tradition in maple country. Our mission is to borrow a sustainable harvest from the forest in creation of simple products to enjoy, by way of traditional methods using renewable energy gathered on the farm, for the farm. Creating inspiration and connection to nature as we grow our farm, learning and improving our processes to be sustainable in a genuine stewardship with the forest so that future generations may enjoy the gifts and beauty of the land in their time too.    


Thank you for visiting, we hope you will grow with us and enjoy our maple  products as much as we do!

Kelly and Rob Collins 

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