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We are yet not set up to accept online payments, but please contact us to make purchase arrangements if you cannot get to the markets!  We are happy to ship!

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Maple Syrup

Starting at $7

All bottled in glass:

8 oz - $7

12 oz - $11

16.9 oz (pint) - $15

33.8 oz (quart) - $28

64 oz (1/2 gal) - $42

Fancy bottles:

50 mL glass leaf - $4

100 mL glass leaf - $7

Syrup is at least 180 degrees when it is bottled - this is why we bottle all of our syrup in glass!  Better for your health, better for the environment!

Looking for a unique bottle for a special occasion?  Let us know what you are looking for - we are happy to work with you!

Maple Sugar

Starting at $5

3 oz glass shaker - $5

(fine, coarse, very coarse and

maple cinnamon)

1 lb bag - $15

100% pure maple syrup

Use in place of regular sugar in any recipe or drink for a healthier sweetener, replace regular sugar in baking, sprinkle on oatmeal or ice cream, or even enjoy it by itself as a little sweet pick me up!

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Maple Cream

Starting $10

1/2 lb jar - $10

1 lb jar - $19

100% pure maple syrup

Also called "maple butter" but perhaps a better name is "maple spread" as it contains no dairy, only maple syrup!  Stir into your coffee or tea, spread it on baked goods, use it as a delicious fruit dip, or simply indulge by the spoonful!

2/2022 - We are very excited to have a new cream machine which has made the process of making cream much easier and results in a nice smooth creamy texture!

Maple Cream Truffles


Made with semi-sweet chocolate and our maple cream - so delicious!  They taste similar to a cadbury cream egg only so much better!

Maple Cinnamon Pancake Mix.jpg

Maple Cinnamon Pancake Mix


Ingredients: all-purpose flour, maple sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt

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Maple Cinnamon Granola with Coconut (also available without coconut)

$7 - 8 oz bag

Ingredients: organic oats, pure maple syrup, pure maple sugar, organic coconut, organic vanilla extract, organic cinnamon

(While the honey was delicious in this recipe it made the granola quite chewy, so we have removed the honey to improve the texture.)

Maple Hot Cocoa Mix

$12 - 1 lb bag

Anyone who likes hot cocoa will love this mix - smooth and creamy with just a hint of maple!

Ingredients: pure maple sugar, organic cacao, Himalayan pink salt

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$8 - 3 oz glass shaker

Maple Garlic Seasoning 

Sweet with a hint of spice!  Delicious sprinkled on corn on the cob, eggs, popcorn, just about anything that could use a little spice!

Ingredients: pure maple sugar, organic garlic powder, organic paprika, Himalayan pink salt, organic black pepper, white pepper

Maple BBQ Rub

Sweet and spicy!  Rub onto meat and let sit in the fridge for a bit before cooking.

Ingredients: pure maple sugar, Himalayan pink salt, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, organic chili powder, organic paprika, organic cumin, mixed peppercorns

Maple Candy

Starting at $2

NH - $2

Moose - $2

4 pack maple leaf - $3

NH + 4 leaf - $5

Moose + 4 leaf - $5

15 piece maple leaf - $11

7 maple leaf in glass jar - $7

(packaging in a glass jar makes the candies last much longer than those in regular candy packaging)

Melt in your mouth deliciousness!

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Fresh Fudge

$3/6 pieces

Classic Maple Fudge
Dairy Free Maple Chocolate Fudge



Organically fed, free-ranged,
and loved and cared for by our children! 
Contact us to arrange for purchase as we generally do not bring eggs to the markets.


Do you have a maple product in mind that you wish we made?  Let us know!  We are always looking for new ideas!